Saturday, January 31

*subject to change

8:00-8:45am             Breakfast, Registration & Welcome
8:45-10:15am             Panel 4: Framing Voice
10:15-10:30am          Further Discussion of Panel 4
10:30-10:45am          Break
10:45-12:15                Panel 5: Active Voice
12:15-12:30pm          Further Discussion of Panel 5
12:30-1:30pm            Lunch
1:30-3:00pm             Panel 6: Negotiating Voice
3:00-3:15pm             Further Discussion of Panel 6
3:15-3:45pm              Break
3:45-4:45pm             Keynote Address: Jody Kreiman
4:45pm-??                 Closing Reception with karaoke


Framing Voice: Voice as Carrier of Meaning

Shane Butler, “What Was the Voice?”

Mara Mills, “The Telephone Voice: From Modulation to Signal Processing”

Alisha Jones, “‘Playin’ Church’: Remembering Mama and Questioning Authenticity in Black Gospel Performance”

Active Voice: Voice as Politics

Elias Krell, “Trans/forming White Noise: Gender, Race and Dis/Ability in the Music of Joe Stevens”

Rosario Signorello, “Voice in Charismatic Leadership”

Jessica Schwartz, “Exposed Populations: Nuclear Power and Vocal Productions”

Negotiating Voice: Voice as Transaction

Eve McPherson, “Robot Imams!: Responses to Centralized Call to Prayer in Turkey”

Hyun Kyong Chang, “Voicing Trans-Pacific Modernity: Mission-Led Confessions in Early Twentieth Century Korea”

Daphne Brooks, “‘Touch Me in the Morning’: Diana Ross and the Voice of Public Sphere Intimacy”

Keynote Address:

Jody Kreiman, “The Interdisciplinary Study of Voice”


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